2年連続SBT AWARD受賞!

スポーツ、ビジネス、教育などの分野において国内No.1の実績を誇るメンタルトレーニングプログラム「SBTスーパーブレイントレーニング®」、このSBTを開発し、約30年もの間その普及に努めてきたJADA(日本能力開発分析)協会が主催する表彰式『SBT AWARD 2019』が、3月23日に静岡県島田市で開催されました。



The SBT award ceremony “SBT AWARD 2019” was held in JADA(Japan Ability Development Analysis)Association on March 23, 2019, at Shimada of Shizuoka Pref.
This association has developed and promoted the SBT super brain training®︎ program, for about 30 years.

The SBT ®︎ program has earned the highest rating in Japan as a training method. It can control his/her own emotional state up to the highest performance level by himself/herself. This is because the SBT®︎ program has a lot of actual results enough to surpass others in the field of not only sports and business but an education.

I was highly commended two consecutive years as one of a coach who contributed most to Human Resource Development of this year through the SBT®︎ program.

This is thanks to everyone who is always indebted. Thanking you again very much for your kindness.

I will continue to do my best without being satisfied with this honor in the future. I would appreciate very much your continued support and encouragement.



WIN-Forum and Human Resource
Development Association
東京都千代田区九段南1-5-6 りそな九段ビル5階
(受付時間:9:30 - 18:00 土日祝祭日除く)